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Considering a Reverse Osmosis System? 5 Reasons to Take the Plunge

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems are one of our most popular water filtration products — for good reason. They are simple, cost effective, and deliver consistently pure and delicious drinking water straight from your kitchen tap. As you think about both your wellness goals and home improvement priorities for this upcoming year, consider adding a reverse osmosis system to the list. Here are five reasons why. 

Improved Taste

Water is essential to your body and your home. Make sure the water you drink, cook with, and serve to your family and pets tastes fresh and pure. A reverse osmosis drinking water system uses pressure to push untreated water through a sediment filter (to remove any larger particles), a carbon filter (to remove chlorine), and a semipermeable membrane (to filter out remaining contaminants), leaving pure clean water on the other side. Your drinking water will taste fresher and you may even notice an improved flavor when cooking

Enjoy a Health Boost

Wolverine Water offers two styles of reverse osmosis filters with alkaline filtration so our customers enjoy the benefits of consuming alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water can help you enhance your hydration, boost your metabolism, promote nutrient absorption, and improve the symptoms commonly associated with acid reflux.

Remove Unseen Contaminants 

Most residential water, whether sourced from a private well or a municipal provider, contains some level of excess minerals. In some cases, your tap water could contain higher levels of heavy metal contaminants that can impact the taste of your water and, if left unmitigated, could cause long term health issues. 

Our Pure Last Reverse Osmosis System helps remove contaminants such as arsenic, nitrates, sodium, copper, lead, some organic chemicals, and even the municipal additive fluoride. 

Save Money 

Reverse osmosis systems can be installed right at their point of use, most commonly under your kitchen sink. Their simple and straightforward design cuts down on the cost of installation compared to a larger whole home system. Plus, enjoying pure, fresh-tasting water flowing from your faucet helps you cut down on the cost of bottled water or water filter pitcher systems. In general, point of use systems tend to be more cost-effective and easier to maintain and clean, making them a great choice for many families. 

A Simplified Maintenance Routine

Reverse osmosis systems require filter changes every 6-12 months, compared to every 2 months with water filter pitcher systems. 
Need help deciding which approach will work best for your family? Contact us today and our friendly, expert staff can help you get a free home water test. This will help you understand exactly which types of contaminants are present and the hardness of your water — factors that will help you understand which system will best serve you.

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  1. My family and I been using the Wolverine water treatment system since 2017. Recently we had to get a new Iron Breaker and had our RO system checked and filter changed. Eric helped us through this process back in January. He answered our questions and issues in a professional and courteous manner. We had one issue 2 weeks after installation with a valve clicking. It was fixed in 24 hours after the problem was reported, for free! Wolverine has a great sales and service and their products are supreme. I live just outside of Portage, MI. In Scotts , MI. Congratulations on opening a Portage store. This store will be a help to me and your customers in this area. Thank you!

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