Water Treatment

Wolverine has been providing Michigan with clean water and peace of mind since 1947. The benefits of wolverine water include:

  • save money
  • better flavored beverages
  • tastier, better looking food
  • fast and easy clean up due to reduced scale build up
  • save on soap and cleaning supplies
  • sparkling dishes
  • get clothes cleaner and lasting longer

Service Water

Our systems for service water are built on the inside of your home, but services water outside of your home, including landscaping, irrigation, filling your pool, washing your vehicle, and every other outdoor activity!

Utility Water

The treatment of all water in your home for things like washing laundry, dishes, or hands, as well as showering or bathing is done with our utility water treatment systems.

Consumable Water

We create specialized drinking water systems for cooking and drinking water, refrigerator lines, and more. These systems can be mounted under sink or in the basement with the utility water system.

There are two systems to choose from:

Our Pure Last Reverse Osmosis System helps provide an almost limitless supply of water for a lower cost and helps improve the health of your family and pets. Our Pure Last Reverse Osmosis System helps remove contaminants such as arsenic, nitrates,sodium, copper, lead, some organic chemicals, and even the municipal additive fluoride.

Our Pure Last Reverse Osmosis System with Alkaline Filtration provides great tasting alkaline water for the entire family. Alkaline water helps to act like an antioxidant and can aid in effectively neutralizing and block damage to the body. Alkaline water helps boost metabolism, enhance hydration, promote nutrient absorption, boost immune systems, increase energy, and can help detoxify the body.