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Testing your water at home? Get some help interpreting the results.

By wolverine_water | June 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

Knowing what’s in your home’s water is the first step to making sure it’s clean and pure. You can schedule a free in-home water test with our Wolverine Water experts anytime. But there are also many home-test kits available in local hardware stores. If you’ve recently tested your water by yourself at home, here is […]

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5 signs your Wolverine Water system could use a tune-up

At Wolverine Water, we pride ourselves on creating quality whole home water treatment systems, made of durable metal materials — never plastic. But over time, all machines begin to slow down and show signs of wear and tear. Wolverine Water guarantees our units and offers free maintenance for the entire first-year after installation. It’s still […]

What should I do if I receive a Boil Water Notice?

If you have municipal water, you could at some point receive a “Boil Water Notice” from your local water authority. Authorities issue these warnings when pathogens enter your water supply (bacteria, viruses, protozoa or parasites) to a level that could cause illness. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including equipment failure or broken […]

How to remove hard water stains (and keep them from ever coming back)

Pesky hard water stains can ruin your cleaning routine. If you’re sick of cleaning crusty mineral build-up off of your faucets, sinks, shower doors and toilets over and over again, keep reading. We have a few ideas on how to cut through the grime and keep it from ever coming back.  Dry Surfaces Immediately An […]

Help! My tap water smells bad.

Ah, water. The only consumable that you want to be odorless and tasteless. Anything else is, well, gross and a sign that something is really wrong. While many smells in your tap water are short-term nuisances, if left untreated they can become expensive long-term problems.  My water smells like rotten eggs  Yuck. That rotten egg […]

How often should I test my home’s water?

Well, it all depends.  Your water is changing all the time. A number of factors influence its purity, such as source, pollutants in your area, the age of your pipes and if you have a water purification system installed. The needs of your family may be changing too. If you’ve moved into a new home, […]

Under-sink vs. whole home water purification systems

You know your home could benefit from a water purification system, but you’re not sure which one. And sometimes, it feels like you need hours of online research to navigate through the different filters available to you. We get it, and we’re here to help you select the system that will best fit your family’s […]