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Effective March 1st, we will no longer be offering salt delivery as a service. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.    LEARN MORE

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Since 1947, Wolverine Water has been a leading provider for quality water treatment. Our equipment is custom built to accommodate all your water treatment needs. We use the most high-quality components which make for the best, high-quality systems.

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“Totally worth whatever system you need and the money. Life changing.”

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  • Very knowledgeable and polite sales person (Eric). The price was very reasonable for a source of water that you can trust to be safe and non staining. Installer was very respectful of our home and did an excellent job in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Wolverine for all your water needs.

    Philip Bacon Avatar
    Philip Bacon
  • The service people were always very friendly and knowledgeable. Questions and calls are always dealt with promptly. Feels like a family business. We love our water now! Would definitely recommend.

    Greg & Staci Nye Avatar
    Greg & Staci Nye
  • We live in an old farmhouse in the middle of farm country and our water was quite hard, even with an in line filter and special salt for our water softener. We were having to change our in line filter every three weeks and I was having to use iron out just to get the orange out of the bath tub and toilets. Since having the Wolverine water filtration system installed we have noticed a huge difference. Our clothes are no longer dingy, the orange rings are gone, our hair and skin are softer and the water tastes great! No regrets on making this necessary change. 🙂

    Alex Lobert Avatar
    Alex Lobert
  • Very great customer service and satisfied with there product... They have given me the right feeling about up grading my service. No more hard water. Thank you

    Bernice Servantes Avatar
    Bernice Servantes
  • I love my Wolverine water system. Ray was very personable and professional as he checked it out

    Patt Cooke Avatar
    Patt Cooke
  • I have always had good experiences dealing with Wolverine. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Service calls, parts and labor are reasonably priced. They seem to really back their systems and products.

    Matt J Avatar
    Matt J
  • Everyone we have experienced so far has been phenomenal. Very professional. Dedicated but not over pushy. Quick to respond, but not over calling. This is a hard balance - after all they are selling something.

    They appropriately seemed to increase staff after a home show so that things can flow well for the customer. We had our water tested that very week, the next day had the system placed. The installers we able to come up with a quick solution when the system did not fit under the sink as we thought (and I feared) that worked well for everyone! The system downstairs was installed with a small footprint and the work appears tidy. I did not come home to a mess (my husband was home for the install) and that always makes me happy.

    I am a nurse and I hate the taste of water. I go around and scold all my patients to drink more and I myself end up drinking maybe a glass of water in my 12-hour shift. I have come close to actually drinking the correct amount of water the last 2 shifts! (Nurses never have time to drink so this is a feat!) The water tastes great, looks so much better. Made in America. The filters are supposed to last so much longer than every other brand we thought about (I can be lazy so I love that). They offer salt delivery - again can be lazy after lifting patients all day so live that. I cannot speak on longevity or better hair etc. But I can say my coffee taste better and my skin has already improved in a few days, and hopefully, my scalp will be next. What better water and correct water consumption can do is amazing. For me, it is very worth the price if I will actually drink water and use less bottled plastic water which is not so good for me or the environment.

    Sorry, for the long review readers but so far so good!! We shall see what the years bring. 🙂

    Meghan m Avatar
    Meghan m
  • I purchased my water softener system and my RO system from wolverine 10 years ago and it still works fantastic I get all my salt from them, they deliver it, they put it in for me, they check out any issues I may have, and answer all my questions. They change my filters and keep my system running smoothly. Their customer service is fantastic, the guys that come out and do the work really know what they're doing and the office staff is friendly and knowledgeable also. Wolverine is by far the best water softener I have ever had and the best water softener company I have ever worked with. Reliable.

    Cheri Clark Avatar
    Cheri Clark
  • I wanted to wait and test my system before writing a review. It’s been 5 months since our softener/RO system has been installed and we couldn’t be happier. Our well is high with iron/minerals that the competitors system that we had could do nothing with and had them out multiple times to adjust trying to get it right but never did. In fact all 3 of our bathrooms and kitchen faucets are oil rubbed bronze and were ruined in a very short time with residue and stripping of the finish even with constant cleaning. Our laundry feels and smells completely different now. We could not be happier and wish we would have found Wolverine years ago. Jason was our salesman, he was excellent to work with. Professional and did everything he said he would and WHEN he said he would. This is important to me and one of the reasons that I have recommended Wolverine to many homeowners. Unfortunately I cannot remember the installers name but he was top notch, the extremely clean and well thought out layout/setup of the system was greatly appreciated.He took pride in his work and it shows. For anyone contemplating using Wolverine I highly recommend them over there competitors.

    Chris Schulte Avatar
    Chris Schulte
  • We are very happy with our new Wolverine water system (softener and reverse osmosis) that was installed last month. We have noticed a significant difference in the taste and quality. Before, whenever we were away from our home for a weekend, when we returned, our water would smell...thankfully this problem is no longer. The technicians were professional and timely. Would recommend Rueben and his team to anyone looking to improve and upgrade their water system!

    Katherine Jewell Avatar
    Katherine Jewell

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