Since 1947, Wolverine Water has been a leading provider in Michigan for quality water treatment. Our equipment is custom built to accommodate all your water treatment needs.

We are the perfect solution for unmanageable water.

Water Treatment

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  • review rating 5  It was a pleasure to work with the wolverine employees. From the testing of my water to the sales. The gentlemen who installed it. Thoughtful and gave thorough information. I have had visits to make sure it is working properly and that I am satisfied. I would recommend them to everyone.

    thumb Vickie Doyle

    review rating 5  I simply love my WWS. I had one a couple decades back when my kids were little and LOVED it. I recently got an updated system after going years without one and, it hasn't changed after 20 + years. It is still awesome! I see the difference in my skin (my hands look younger and I only need to use lotion when I am at work), my clothes (don't need fabric softener), only need a quarter amount of ANY soap (even bar soap). My hair is softer for it. And a recent discovery; I left dishwater in the sink one night. Got up the next morning and grabbed the dishcloth out of the water and behold..there were bubbles. I splashed it some and ended up heating the water and putting it back in the sink with as many bubbles as when I ran it fresh the day (late afternoon) before. I would highly recommend Wolverine Water Systems.

    thumb renee smith

    review rating 5  I bought my original Wolverine softener 20+ years ago. Recently, Wolverine called and set up an appointment to test my water. The call was very timely since we were noticing the 'yellow' staining in our toilets. Our water has a high iron content. The person who came out and tested our water suggested I put in an Ozone water purifier. I was skeptical at first and did not buy until I had a chance to research the product. After I did some initial research , I determined the ozone purifier might be valid and not a gimmick, so I called the Wolverine rep and arranged an installation. We have had the Ozone purifier/filter for a few weeks now and I really notice the difference in my drinking water. A few weeks after the installation of my Ozone filter, a Wolverine rep stopped by and wanted to check the system and re-test water. I was pleased to see that my water tested negative for iron. Normally, I do not like to be bothered by these sales type calls, but you do not find companies that offer this level of customer service anymore. I plan to purchase this Ozone filter for my lake house in NE where the iron content is really high and I hope to eliminate the sulfur/rotten egg smell my water gets after sitting in toilet tank for a couple of weeks. The only con I have so far is the unit is a bit expensive.

    thumb robert warner
  • review rating 5  They came out to do a free water test. Mike watters tested my water and looked at my 23 year old Wolverine water softener and said everything looked great. He did not use scare tactics to sell me a new softener because mine was old. Trust worthy and obviously quality products.

    thumb Susan Appold

    review rating 5  Great customer service. Everyone has been very nice and helpful. The system works great. Water coming out of the tap no longer smells and the water tastes good.

    thumb Michael Haley

    review rating 5  We are enjoying our new Wolverine water system. So far we have saved money on bottled water, ice, and believe it or not shampoo/soaps as well. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Thank you!

    thumb Jess Mo
  • review rating 5  The service people were always very friendly and knowledgeable. Questions and calls are always dealt with promptly. Feels like a family business. We love our water now! Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Greg & Staci Nye

    review rating 5  We live in an old farmhouse in the middle of farm country and our water was quite hard, even with an in line filter and special salt for our water softener. We were having to change our in line filter every three weeks and I was having to use iron out just to get the orange out of the bath tub and toilets. Since having the Wolverine water filtration system installed we have noticed a huge difference. Our clothes are no longer dingy, the orange rings are gone, our hair and skin are softer and the water tastes great! No regrets on making this necessary change. 🙂

    thumb Alex Lobert

    review rating 5  Very knowledgeable and polite sales person (Eric). The price was very reasonable for a source of water that you can trust to be safe and non staining. Installer was very respectful of our home and did an excellent job in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Wolverine for all your water needs.

    thumb Philip Bacon