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5 Ways Hard Water Hurts Your Hair

Prevents your shampoo from working effectively

Hard water is chock full of extra minerals, like calcium and magnesium. While these extra minerals aren’t harmful to your health (technically, it is safe to drink, clean and wash with), they can cause a whole host of other problems. The extra minerals in hard water can prevent your shampoo from effectively trapping the dirt and grease that you’re trying to wash away. Not only does it prevent your hair from getting really clean, hard water can leave behind a filmy residue on your hair and scalp. This residue creates tiny scales on your hair stands, making it easy for them to catch on each other. As this mineral film builds up, it can make your hair feel dry, coarse and unclean.

Makes your scalp feel dry and itchy

The same hard-water minerals that can leave your hair feeling filmy can also cause uncomfortable build-up on your scalp. Over time, this mineral build-up can lead to dandruff and itchy, irritated spots. Some people who are prone to oily hair and scalps can try to compensate with more frequent washing. But, unfortunately, washing your hair more in the same hard water can only make the mineral build-up and resulting dryness worse. This problem can be extra uncomfortable for people who are already predisposed to psoriasis or eczema.

Long-term thinning and breakage

Washing your hair in hard water can undoubtedly create annoying daily hair problems. But over time, hard water can lead to damaged hair. Ineffective cleaning and mineral buildup can lead to breakage and overall stress on your hair. In some cases, you may also notice your hair thinning.

Hair color fades faster

Hard water can even interfere with color-treated hair. The extra minerals can combine with the chemicals in your hair dye, creating an unwanted brassy color or premature color fading. Many stylists have clarifying treatments to try and offset this mineral buildup. These treatments can be applied to your hair prior to color treatment, but they may not completely solve the premature color fade and general stress on your hair.

Wasted money

Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, clarifying treatments can all come with hefty price tags. While these products can certainly help you combat the annoying short-term effects of hard water mineral build-up on your hair, none of them can tackle the problem-head on. Even the best shampoo won’t provide your desired outcomes if the product can’t properly lather and penetrate your hair (and it may even cause you to try to use more of the product per-wash to compensate). Plus, more frequent visits to the colorist to fix premature color fade can represent a lot of money lost.

Invest in the long-term health of your hair! A whole-home water purification system will help you ensure that the water flowing from your shower faucet is free of extra minerals. Plus, a whole home system has plenty of perks for the rest of your home and appliances too.

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