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Building or renovating your home? Put in a water purification system.

Major home construction projects are full of excitement. Whether it’s a brand new build or a long-awaited renovation, watching your plans come to life and finally getting to use your new optimized space makes all of the hard work of planning worth it. If you’re working on a major home project, one additional feature to consider incorporating into your budget is a whole-home water purification system. You’ll not only reap major cost savings but enjoy fresh, pure water for years to come. Here are four reasons to put a whole-home system into your new build or renovation budget. 

Save on installation costs

The best time to install new features in your home is before all of the finishing touches are put on. Install a whole-home water purification system when all of the home’s plumbing is first being placed, before the new drywall goes up. If any special attachments or fixtures are needed to optimize your home’s plumbing for the system, it will be a simple addition to the existing pipe work. The same holds true for smaller home reno projects that require opening up floors or walls to expose pipes. If you can take advantage of a time when you can easily access your home’s plumbing, you will significantly reduce the labor (and labor costs) of installing the system. 

Prolong the life of new pipes and appliances 

It may not feel like a big deal right away, but letting hard water run through your brand new pipes and appliances over a long period of time can lead to mineral build-up, which can cause a whole host of nasty problems. Not only will you notice spots on your dishes, stains on your laundry and a less-than-fresh taste, but hard water will shorten the life of your plumbing system and appliances. If you’re going to spend money on brand new plumbing, fixtures and appliances for a home renovation or new build, make sure you’re protecting that investment by ensuring that fresh, clean water is running through those pipes. 

Spread out the cost 

Depending on how you finance your home renovation project, you may be able to incorporate the cost of a whole home water system right into your overall build budget. Each builder and contractor will be different, but if you want to install a whole-home system, call Wolverine Water to talk with us about what your options might be. We’re happy to have a conversation with your project’s general contractor to find a solution that will work for you. 

Enjoy fresh pure water 

When you go through a long home renovation project, you want to really enjoy the end result. Whether you have a brand new home, or a newly-renovated kitchen or bathroom, nothing will feel better than having pure water running through your brand new faucets and knowing that you’ve made an investment in the life of your home and the health of your family. 

Give us a call today to find out more about incorporating a whole home water system into your latest home project.

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