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How to Keep Your Wolverine Water System Running Smoothly

At Wolverine Water, we pride ourselves on creating quality whole home water treatment systems that are made to last. That’s why we craft our systems with durable metal components, instead of plastic. But all home appliances require routine maintenance and care to keep them running smoothly. Whether you have an under-sink drinking water system or a whole home purification system, your water purifier does some major heavy lifting in your home. Keep your Wolverine system up and running with these tips. 

Change Your Filters

If your water purification system relies on filters, they’ll need to be changed on a regular basis to ensure that your system is running efficiently and that you can maximize its overall lifespan. In general, we recommend changing them out about every 6 months, though that timeline can vary based on usage.  

If you delay changing the filters on your system, you will likely notice an increased chlorine smell in your water and a decrease in the water’s overall taste and quality. For some systems, delaying a filter change for too long can cause a build-up of sediment that can clog and damage the system, or present challenging cleaning and sanitizing conditions. 

While each system is unique, the general steps for changing a filter are: 

  • Shut off the water supply
  • Shut off the filter’s bypass valves and allow excess water to drain
  • Release the system’s remaining inside pressure 
  • Remove the filter housing and old filter cartridge
  • Inspect the area to see if any O-rings need to be replaced 
  • Install a new filter cartridge and replace housing 
  • Turn your valves back on and turn on the water supply

Keep an Eye on Your Salt Levels

Softening salt is an essential component for whole home water purification systems. Adding salt to your system creates a brine (housed in the brine tank) that regenerates the resin beads, allowing the system to continue removing excess calcium and minerals from your water (more on that process here). The brine tank should be checked regularly (about once a month) and should be kept about half full. If you notice the brine running low, add more salt. Not all softening salts are created equal, so it’s important to use one of the higher quality salts listed in this post. Allowing the system to run without an appropriate amount of salt or brine will lead to a noticeable decrease in your water quality and could cause unnecessary calcium buildup in your pipes, plumbing, and fixtures. 

Checking your brine tank regularly also helps you keep an eye out for salt bridges. Occasionally, salt can become concentrated into a bridge at the top of the brine tank, preventing it from appropriately distributing in the brine solution and regenerating the resin beads. If you notice a salt bridge in your tank, carefully take a broom handle to break up the salt and ensure that it gets incorporated back into the brine.

Clean As Needed

Each system will have a unique protocol for cleaning and sanitization. You can consult the product’s maintenance guide or chat with our Wolverine Water experts for more details on your specific system. 

Whether you have a whole home system or an undersink drinking water system, it all starts with shutting off the water supply. With smaller under sink systems, extra residue is most likely to show up around the filter and filter housing, so keep an eye out while you’re doing your regular maintenance and filter updates. Any extra sediment in the filter housing can be cleaned with simple soap and water treatment. 

For whole home water purification systems, you will need to purchase a specialized water softening cleaner and pour it into the brine well. Then, it’s as simple as closing up the system, resetting it and letting the cleaner get to work. 

Work With the Water ExpertsOur Wolverine Water team members are truly specialists in the field of water purification. We provide service on Wolverine Water systems as well as other companies’ units. If you are experiencing any issues with your whole home water purification system, give us a call and we can help you get back to enjoying pure, clean water in your home.

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