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Under-sink vs. whole home water purification systems

You know your home could benefit from a water purification system, but you’re not sure which one. And sometimes, it feels like you need hours of online research to navigate through the different filters available to you. We get it, and we’re here to help you select the system that will best fit your family’s needs. In fact, that’s the first question we ask when guiding someone through selecting a water filter for their home — what does your family need out of your home’s water? Better taste? Help to deal with annoying dry skin? Softer laundry? Protection from harmful contaminants? 

To get started, we recommend that you get a free home water test. This will help you understand exactly which types of contaminants are present and the hardness of your water, factors that will help you understand which system will best serve you.

Drinking water units 

An under sink water purifier is known as a point-of-use system, meaning that it only purifies the water that comes out of the tap on which it’s installed. Most commonly installed in kitchens, under sink systems help ensure that the water you drink and cook with is pure and clean. Wolverine Water offers three different under sink drinking water units that use reverse osmosis to purify the water flowing from your kitchen tap.  



  • Only purifies water flowing from one tap in your home 
  • Does not protect your laundry, hair, skin, appliances from water hardness or contaminants 
  • Does not remove all inorganic and organic contaminants

Whole-home systems 

Whole-home water purification units are known as point-of-entry systems, meaning they purify the water as it enters your home before it is dispersed to your kitchen, bathroom, and garden hose faucets via your home’s internal plumbing system. Whole-home systems are larger and usually installed near your home’s water main. 

Whole-home systems tend to be more effective at removing stubborn water contaminants, like iron, sulfur, and even PFAS. Plus, a whole-home system ensures that all of the water running through your home has been purified. This protects your pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliances from the wear and tear of hard water and contaminants. Wolverine Water offers a variety of whole-home systems that can be customized to address your home’s individual water needs. 



  • More expensive than an under sink system 
  • May not be necessary based on the contamination level of your source water

Need help deciding which approach will work best for your family? Contact us today and our friendly, expert staff can help you think through your options.

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